Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Distracted Driving Summit webcast Wed & Thurs

The DOT will be holding a summit on the problems of distracted driving in Washington DC on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  No word on whether billboards, and digital billboards in particular, are going to be part of the conversation.  It's likely that cell phones (calling and texting) will be the primary topic of conversation, since they were the subject of a study released over the summer and it's gotten heavy play in the media.

If you'd like to watch part or all of the webcast, you can do so here.


  1. Sign distraction did come up the morning session. Sec. LaHood said it was very interesting.

  2. I noticed a far amount of company owned vehicles have these 1800 hows my driving bumper stickers. Isn't this helping prevoke dangerous driving? Even if they don't grab there cell phone to call, grabbing a pen and writing down the number to call later is ju st as dangerous. I just find it ironic these companies with the bumber stickers is suppose to help removing dangerous driving when its actually worsening the sitution. Just my 2 cents. I think Ray LaHood should put ban on these stickers as well.